The Tide of Changing Worlds

Clearing the Bar

The first task that Zomm has for them is to handle a problem for him. A rival bar is trying to shut him down and causing trouble for him to achieve that. He would like the group to go over to the rat hole bar and convince them to back off.

The adventures show up to what looks to be an empty bar. Once they start checking it out they are surrounded by a large group of men that inquire what they are doing. Since they didn’t want to back down the fight started. That is when they shifted into were-rat forms and attacked. Not long after fight started two were-wolf leaders busted in and joined. The party eventually defeated the group. On searching the upstairs they found it was also a whore house with the girls chained to the beds. The group decided to free the girls. In one of the rooms they found their lost dwarven cleric Boris Ironheade. He was chained to a bed like the whores and in a compromising position with a large ogre. The group convinced the ogre to leave the room and freed Boris Ironheade. Soon after they discovered the ogre ransacking the leaders room and started a fight to stop him. When bloodied the ogre decided to leave and busted out through a wall. The group burned the horrible bar to the ground once it was cleared.



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