The Tide of Changing Worlds

To Ravenloft

The party used a ritual created by Vader to modify the Space Vorpal Ability with a teleport to create a wormhole for the ship to go through and arrived at the Celestial city. He told them about the Phoenix Sword of the Kings and its ability to destroy the Book of Vile Evil. The Content Not Found: well_ has been opened and kept that way by Content Not Found: Orcus_. They need to reassemble the sword and destroy the book to stop Content Not Found: Orcus taking control of the well and invading the world.

The party was give a couple of days to shop and resupply. Valenae bought a box with a green orb in it that was suppose to give him great power. Instead it dropped him into a coma which he eventually recovered from. We shall see what comes of that experience.

Content Not Found: Boris made a conversion to artificer and with his bad luck got roofied again. He woke naked and chained spread eagle to his bed. Assailant unknown. In minor note kender got an std from a Minotaur she was spending time with while everyone else was shopping.

Once everyone ready and ship restocked they went through a wormhole to Content Not Found: Ravenloft.



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